Our Services

Are you constantly frustrated with something around the house that you would like to change or perhaps like to have in order to make your life easier? Talk to us! We can help create solutions, whether it be a handrail for your front porch, a gate for the side of your house or even a pergola to spruce up your outdoors, this is no problem at all for our talented team. We will discuss, design and fabricate the perfect solution to your idea!


From business card holders to staircases to cladding, we do it all! If you are looking for some inspiration for your next commercial project, don’t hesitate to talk to us for a free consulting session. We can provide a holistic range of metalwork, tailored to your needs and can often eliminate the need to involve several different fabrication companies to complete the project. With our quick turnaround times, high level of quality and competitive pricing, we do our absolute best to meet the 3 intangible contenders of fabrication – Speed, Quality and Price.


Do you have a vision or an idea in mind that you would like brought to life? We are the experts in realizing concepts into creations. Talk to us and we will bring it to life! From designing the concept in-house to measuring, fabricating and installing, we have the expertise and resources to fully complete your project. Please feel open to chatting with us about your project as we are often able to compare your idea with similar ones we have worked on in the past and offer ways of improving efficiency and visual design while reducing costs. Our goal is to bring to fruition the best possible version of your idea!

Other Metalwork

Whether you work in the Marine, Automotive, Food or Agriculture industry, please don’t look past the opportunity for us to work with you. Our vast range of knowledge and expertise in custom metalwork allow us to offer solutions to anyone, anywhere – Heck, we’re even in the process of getting our first qualified underwater welder!