About Superior Fabrication Ltd

Based in the mighty Waikato, we are a team of living examples that Fabricators are born, not self-made...

Being born a Fabricator means we have it in our blood - the passion and enthusiasm for creating timeless metalwork that inhabits unsurpassable quality. We thrive on creating custom metalwork inspired by our client's ideas and dreams. In order to achieve this, we are trained in working with almost all metals including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper and many more - we are the experts in realising concepts into creations.

Our main areas of expertise include creating non-structural, light furnishing type metalwork for interiors such as shop fit-outs, home decor, commercial interiors and social areas such as restaurants and hospitality. This is not to say we won't take a look at your needs should they be outside of our niche - don't hesitate to contact us and we will either give you a free quote ourselves or we will put you in touch with the right fabricators best suited for your needs.


To use innovation, simplicity and experience to turn concepts and ideas into high quality, irreplicable creations.


To be recognised as the most advanced leader for architectural metalwork in New Zealand.

Core Values & Principles:

Communication: Keeping you updated throughout every step of the process. With clear communication, you can be assured there's no surprises.

Innovation: Always trying new ideas, new techniques, new processes and new equipment, we're guaranteed to offer you a unique, budget friendly, eye-catching product.

Simplicity: Eliminating confusion, keeping things simple and reducing waste all contribute towards a superior experience and a reduction in costs for our customers.

Customer Service: In a common industry with many players, it's easy to neglect the basics like customer service. This is one thing that distinctively defines us. We care about what we do and go the next step in providing superior customer service. Not just before and during the sale, but also provide after-sales service, second-to-none.